Where does our firewood come from?

At West TN Lumber we build pallets…  as part of the process my blog to build pallets  the correct size, we cut 4″ x 6″ lumber is cut to exact lengths needed ….. In our effort to be good stewards of God’s resources, we save the wood that is cut off and resell it as firewood…… Here is the process.

West TN Lumber builds pallets.
We receive truck loads of locally harvested lumber daily.
We stockpile the 4″ x 6″ lumber on our yard until it is needed to construct custom sized pallets for our costumers.
From the yard the lumber goes to the pallet factory.
These machines will cut the lumber.
Lumber is loaded on to the cutting machine.
Lumber is cut to exact lengths needed to build pallets.
As the lumber is cut there are 4″ x6″ blocks of clean wood that remain.
These blocks are taken by conveyor belt to a hopper.
All blocks are stockpiled outside to dry and be seasoned for firewood.
Now the firewood is ready to over here be sold one scope at a time!

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